President’s Message

A Message From The Desk of President

In the modern era of globalization, where students cannot make their suitable place in medical and engineering fields because of lack of opportunities and saturation level, the hospitality industry is opted by majority of the enthusiastic and motivated students. Till recently, across the nation, hotels and motels are a welcome haven for weary travelers. For vacationing families and persons whose jobs take those out of town can make being away from home and having an enjoyable experience with comfortable rooms, good food and helpful courteous hotel staff, like “Home Away From Home”.

The rise in corporate activity in India has increased the importance of the business travelers and hence hospitality industry is now focusing on business travelers with this segment. And as long as natural human activities will continue, the hospitality industry will be set at the zenith, the foremost duty of the Hotel Management Institute is to make students in a position from where they can perform their modern style of work in a deliberate way. For the efficient functioning of any five-star hotels in India or abroad, they need well disciplined, motivated, and trained professionals. In the conclusion I want to declare that it is hard work and discipline which makes a student in the Apex of aspiration and Dolphin School of Hotel Management which is affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, WB is the media to achieve the dream.