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The present age is of digital technology. But the importance of physical books will always be there however digital we might have become. There are many physical books which can provide an in-depth knowledge of many hotel and hospitality practices that are always relevant. These books provide you with additional knowledge besides what is taught in hotel management courses. The following are 10 brilliant books that every hotel manager needs to read:

1. “The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets” – Written by Micah Solomon
It is always effective to study those who are more successful than you and try to follow them. You can get the knowledge about what some most successful hotel managers have done in this book and can plan your own strategy accordingly. This book will help you to get additional knowledge other than what you learned in your hotel management college.

2. “Without Reservations: How a Family Root Beer Stand Grew into a Global Hotel Company” – Written by J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr.
You will find a specific example of the growth of a business from something small to a global leader in the industry. Marriott began as a humble family business and is now the largest hotel chain in the world. In this, you will find an all-American success story mapping out the road to a great achievement in the hotel industry. You will also receive insider knowledge and plenty of tips.

3. “Contagious: Why things catch on” – Written by Jonah Berger
Numerous instances where something has spread extremely quickly have been there throughout human history. Humans have a unique ability to share with each other, whether it’s an actual virus or the next crazy fad. The science behind word-of-mouth advertising, how to bring your hotel into notice and how to popularize it has been discussed by the author.

4. “Be our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service” – Written by The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni
When it comes to understanding and pleasing their guests, hoteliers can never have enough tricks up their sleeve. In the hotel industry, the absolute priority is the travelers that come to stay. Therefore, importance should be given to any advice regarding this. In order to deliver an experience that goes beyond the standard expectation, this book will help hoteliers approach customer service in non-typical and effective ways. This will help you in refreshing your knowledge gained while studying in a hotel management school.

5. “Check-In Check-Out: Managing Hotel Operations” – Written by Gary K Vallen and Jerome J Vallen
In all aspects of hotel business operations, it is important to understand best practices. In this book, you can find it all. On how to ensure your hotel stays profitable from guest experience to record keeping, you will find an extensive array of advice. To keep up with current trends and predictions for the future, extensive revisions have taken place over the years, most recently to include culinary updates.


6. “100 Tips for Hoteliers” – Written by Peter Venison
There is no better place to start for hoteliers looking for general pointers across the board. A holistic approach has been taken by Venison from the hotel opening to everyday operations. The advice offered is based on proven experience. This book will help you in getting many new ideas other than that taught in a hotel management institute.

7. “Down and Out in Paris and London” – Written by George Orwell
Despite in the 1930s, this memoir is entirely relatable for hoteliers. The importance of thinking about the staff at all levels of business and the journey of working your way up through the hospitality industry is revealed in the story here. It will come to your mind from this that how a restaurant and hotel function like a machine with many busy and interdependent components.

8. “Revenue Superstar!: The Simple Rules of Hotel Revenue Management” – Written by Johan Hammer
Constant analysis, evaluation and reevaluation are required to be a good revenue manager. What the best strategy is moving forward should be the subject on which questions must be asked. Anyone’s head could spin by this. For this reason, a straightforward explanation of how hoteliers can approach it at their property has been provided by Johan Hammer. Everyone can follow these simple rules and you must also take note of them. This will help you to increase your knowledge got in the hotel management college.

9. “The Cornell School of Hotel Administration on Hospitality: Cutting Edge Thinking and Practice” – Written by Michael C. Sturman, Jack B. Corgel, Rohit Verma
This book examines how to develop and grow a multinational career in the hospitality industry. It is aimed specifically at hotel managers and administrators. You will learn how to maximize profits, understand customer choices and control business costs among other things.

10. “Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business” – Written by Danny Meyer
This should prove to be an easy, engaging and insightful read for hoteliers with a restaurant. It teaches you how to bring real hospitality to your service besides giving you tips on how to have fun while running a successful hotel restaurant.