The new generation of chefs is responsible for changing the perception that others have about life in the kitchen. Hence, every hotel management college ensures their future chefs possess specific characteristics apart from culinary skills based on education and experience. It will not only enhance your creativity in cooking but also bring discipline and honesty to your work. Here we highlight some of the major traits every culinary student will learn in a hotel management college. 

Five important culinary attributes

1. Respect for kitchen organisation

Respect for the kitchen organisation will always be at the top of the list of essentials of kitchen life. It will develop the motivation to work for the organisation by bringing a sense of responsibility and loyalty towards the hotel.

2. Respect for peers

One of the great aspects of working in a culinary institute is that the only true assessment of the person next to you is if he or she is trustworthy and gives their all every day. Kitchens must always be examples of respect for the varied perspective of staff and you must recognise that the success of a project is dependent on each member’s productivity.

3. Respect for ingredients

Every culinary student of a hotel management college works with raw materials that have been meticulously sourced from farmers, ranchers, butchers, fishermen, and distributors. Hence, it is necessary to respect the availability of each and every ingredient received from plants and animals. At the same time, culinary students are also taught to avoid misusing resources while cooking.

4. Respect for the customer

It is one of the first priorities of every culinary student to learn how to greet and respect customers visiting your hotel. The more you give importance to their opinion, the more you will improve as a culinary employee. In today’s restaurant industry, the rule of thumb is to always be prepared to say “Yes” to a guest request (while maintaining healthy boundaries, of course). It will create a good reputation and bring more customers to the hotel.

5. Respect for the uniform

A formal attire, or a uniform, is another attribute that deserves respect and dignity. A cook’s uniform signifies the hard work and devotion of the chefs who have worked to develop the business and defined what outstanding cooking entails. You must feel pride in the uniform and honor the position by keeping your uniforms clean, sharp, and complete. Make it known to everyone how proud you are of your job, position and responsibilities.  These are some important attributes taught at every hotel management college in Kolkata to make you a perfect fit for the position of chef.