A hotel operation will not run smoothly without the supervision of skilled experts trained in eminent hotel management colleges in Kolkata. A hotel management course covers all the requisite key areas that are indispensable for the clockwork of a hotel to run. All hotels have some key operational areas that determine the overall customer experience and quality of the services provided in the hotel.

In this current discussion, we will delve into the key operational areas every hotel management college prepares its students for.

Six key-operational areas covered by a hotel management college

Most hotels have these six key areas in common. Hence, every hotel management college in Kolkata takes into account these six key factors instrumental for the smooth functioning of a hotel.


The decision-making roles, such as the department heads, managers, or directors, fall in this group. However, depending on your organisation, even the front desk executives will fall into this role. The critical expertise needed to fill the shoes of the executives is communication, and immense interpersonal skills, something every hotel management institute in Kolkata cultivates among their students.

Front Office Guest Services

Front office guest services represent the values and quality the hotel caters to the customers. These professionals stay in contact with the customers and constantly lend ears to their needs and demands. Hence, whoever is carrying out the front office guest services, must have numerous soft skills, including eyes on the details, interpersonal communications and so on. To create a robust customer experience, they need to attend to every morsel of the guests’ demands by the book.


Housekeeping and maintenance, aka maintaining every little paraphernalia in its rightful place, are pivotally important in a hotel management business. For instance, an electronic appliance might need fixing; even the quality utilities can malfunction and break. Thus, someone needs to look out for all such anomalies and manage such disarray with swift efficiency. Housekeeping and maintenance is, therefore, a key operation area for every hotel management college in Kolkata to include as part of their course.


Every business requires accounting, i.e. someone who keeps a thorough tab on the expenses and revenues of the whole clockwork. Accounting is yet another critical area covered by all hotel management courses.

Marketing & Sales

Every business looks for more opportunities for growth and promotions. The hotel business is no exception. A marketing team working on behalf of a hotel service works towards converting prospects into paying customers and ventures to build a robust brand message. This is yet another key area covered by a hotel management course.

Chefs & Kitchen Staff

A full-service hotel can’t meet customer demands without skilled kitchen staff. Since a kitchen staff not merely manages and tends to the culinary demands of the customers but also supervises the operations in a kitchen. This is yet a pivotal area covered by a hotel management college. The above-mentioned areas are most crucial in the field of hotel management and are intricately woven into the courses offered by hotel management institutions in Kolkata.