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To be a hotel manager can be dream of every single student from hotel management colleges in Kolkata but like many other jobs, it can sometimes feel like an exercise where you are always trying to achieve more with less resource. May it be any position; there are a few common mistakes that every hotel management makes.

1. Lack of proper communication

Information is power and sharing that information effectively increases the power several times. For a hotel manager or someone at a higher position, it can be often intimidating to keep the information to themselves. But, for a hotel to be successful, the communication between management and the staff must be clear and appropriate.
Having proper communication keeps you updated about the happenings in the hotel as well as helps you to prepare for any real or potential challenge coming your way.

2. Not listening what others have to say

To make the most out of a communication, listening is important. The more you listen, the better you will understand your team and know about their needs and concerns. You can make decisions or provide resolutions only when you have the full picture. As a successful hotel manager, you should give your time to the employees and pay attention to what they have to say.

3. Not building a great team

Hotel management is all about team-building. Students will get to learn these skills in some of best hotel management colleges in Kolkata. The success of a hotel lies in the team that comes together to work as a single unit. Share your expectations that you want your staff members to achieve as a team. Have regular team meetings, post updated team news and track the performance of your team.
One mistake that nearly all hotels make is to not reward their employees for accomplishments. As a hotel manager, you must reward your team for their success and performances by giving them proper incentives, holiday vacations, discount coupons, etc.

4. Not motivating

Motivation is one thing that pulls the extraordinary out of ordinary people. Keep your hotel staff motivated by rewarding their job with personal and individual recognition. If your team is loyal to you and has a high morale, it reflects in their performance which will profit your hotel in the long run.
But never get biased for a particular individual and start favoring him above all.

5. Not explaining the larger picture

Explain to your team members what the Hotel is all about and what is the quality of service that guests are expecting from them. Remind everyone of their individual tasks, the benefits upon achieving that task and its importance. Explain to your team what everyone’s individual contribution means to the overall development of the hotel and how their combined effort will contribute to the overall big plan.

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6. Not setting specific goals

Effective management comes from setting goals and then motivating every individual to work towards it. Set specific goals and encourage your team members to strive for it. Make it a habit of having discussion with each member of your team about their vision for the hotel’s future and how all that breaks down to the work they do.
You will get to learn more about setting realistic goals and achieving them by pursuing some of the best Hotel Management Courses in Kolkata.

7. Not delegating

Delegation is all about entrusting your authority to others with the faith that they will carry out the work with the same or better efficiency as yours. This can be a bit scary because if not done properly, it can create differences between members of the team.
But delegation has got some obvious benefits too. It provides an opportunity for them to develop their abilities and leadership skills.

8. Unable to adapt

Adaptation is a long-held rule of nature, failing which species cease to exist. Similarly, in hotel business, one can be tempted to stick to the well tried and tested methodologies, but don’t forget to consider the value of change.
Change is inevitable as you cannot avoid the changes that are destined to embrace the hotel business. The best way out is to control the change. Invest continuously in learning and experimenting.
If you don’t adapt to the beat of change, you’re doomed to run out of the competition.

9. Not being responsible

Being a hotel manager, ultimately, you will be responsible for the overall functioning of the hotel. Even if you are a team member or a staff of the hotel, you will have your own share of responsibilities to take care of.
Always be ready to carry the responsibility for whatever happens within the hotel under your supervision, may it be good or bad. You and only you will be accountable for whatever happens.

10. Not taking proper breaks

Running a hotel successfully is no child’s play. There will always be tremendous amount of pressure, but don’t forget that your staff members are not anything but human beings. They have their own world with friends and families which have nothing to do with their work.
Give them adequate rest and necessary remunerations. Your staff will perform much more effectively for you if you make their day a cheerful and good one.
Successful hotel management is an art. It is a cent percent people’s job. The fewer mistakes you will make, the more successful your team work will be. The more successful the team, more successful will be the manager. The more successful the manager, the more successful the hotel. That’s what we were talking about.