Board exams are over and the most important question which has left hundreds and thousands of students baffled is what they should do after passing class 12th ? Answers are almost unlimited in number. Many of you must have already decided which path to choose. The road you take will lead you to your destination through a journey of many ups and downs. A number of factors determine the path you must follow like area of interest, passion for a particular field, your higher secondary education, your job orientation, financial considerations etc. Considering these factors helps you in preparing a clear cut action plan for your future courses.

To help students in this confusing time, we are listing top 10 job oriented courses which one can opt after passing class 12th.

Hotel Management Courses

This course offers some of the most lucrative careers for students. This course also offers great employment prospects. It includes the responsibility of handling hotel administration, accounts, marketing, housekeeping, front office, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance. Students can go for either degree or diploma courses. Although there are several hotel management colleges in India but you can some of the top hotel management college in Kolkata. Reasons for choosing hotel management courses as a career option:

  • This sector is gaining a strong foothold in the global market with advent of globalization.
  • Opening of new hotels in big and small cities has increased the requirement for trained hotel management professionals.
  • It requires people who can keep their calm even in the most challenging situations.

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Radio Jockeying & TV News Reading

This course is for students who are fascinated by the world of glamour. The course aims to provide its students with techniques employed in radio jockeying as well as for live events and television shows along with learning news reading complexities. Students can go for further specialization in this course if they want. This course is of 3 months duration. Reasons for pursuing career in radio jockeying & TV news reading:

  • This field prefers youngsters who are bubbling with passion to create new ideas and concepts.
  • A chance to live glamorous life
  • Students can further enhance their career in major media houses and FM channels

Real Estate Principles and Practices

This course will give the students an overview of all the facets of real estate. Students will get to learn the characteristics of land, ownership, and rights inherent in owning real estate, selling and buying procedures, loans and financing, appraising real estate, legal descriptions, land use controls and fair housing laws. This course is offered under various degree, diploma and short term certificate courses by many institutes. Why this course?

  • Real estate sector booming in India which means demand for real estate professionals will be high.
  • One can earn really huge money by engaging themselves in commercial, industrial or residential property deals.

B.Sc. in Hardware networking & Digital communication

It is an industry-oriented certification for making international careers in Hardware & Networking. This course helps students in becoming job ready just after 10+2 and develop expertise in Management. It includes theoretical modules including a project at the end of the course. It is relatively easy for students to find jobs in organizations that have Hardware & Networking requirements such as Wipro BPO, Infosys BPO, Allied Digital and others.

  • After passing this course students can either go for job or they can go for further Master’s Degree and then for research studies such as M.Phil. And Ph.D.
  • Students can have jobs in professional, scientific and technical services, public administration and safety and insurance services.

Diploma in Food & Beverage services management

This course takes duration of 6 months to 1 year. The aim of this course is to train students in the basics of restaurant cooking and baking, food safety procedures and nutrition. Students also gain significant knowledge in business management, cost control, human resources etc. This course is a popular career choice for candidates possessing excellent communication skills and good knowledge of hotel administration so that clients can be served better. Students can go for this course in some of the best hotel management college in Kolkata.

  • Suitable candidates can be employed at full-service at bars, airlines, food organizations, food and beverage maintenance companies etc.
  • Various job positions that can be suitable for students are F&B Manager, Waiters, Bartenders, Guest service associate, F&B service etc.


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Diploma in Education Technology

The job of Educational Technology professionals is that of an instructional coordinator that specialize in developing and implementing the use of technological tools in the classroom as well as training teachers in the use of new technologies. Their key role is to improve the quality of education by evaluating, developing and implementing updated curricula, by integrating new technologies into the classroom and by providing ongoing training to instructors.


It is the best career choice for students if they are imaginative and creative. If your passion is to capture the moments surrounding you, then you may turn your hobby into a profession and earn profitability.

By the growing trend of communication and media, professional photographers are in demand by the professional societies. It is a non-formal professional field where you may work even during the tour in your comfortable dress.

You may be clicking at various locations and different occasions. It is one of the most glamorous jobs.

  • Students can do their specialization in commercial photography, news photography, fashion photography & scientific photography.
  • You can work for a company or be self-employed.
  • You can also work in magazines, websites, television, weddings, newspapers etc.

Interior Designing

It is the art of making the living and working space more comfortable, practical and beautiful with the help of professionals. Increasing urbanization and shrinking living space makes it compulsory to make the design of our space as per our wish.

As an interior designer, students can learn about the art effects, design, and exclusive furniture beside the managerial skills in interior designing. A lot of institutions in India are offering the study courses in the field of interior designing.

Students must have cleared 10+2 examination for the admission to professional programs of interior designing. There are various entrance examinations for getting admission into institutes providing these courses.

  • After completing the course, students can join interior decoration services or real estate business to plan the housing and societies.
  • You can set your own business as an interior designer as more and more people are opting for professionals to renovate their houses.


Many students dream of becoming a musician. Some people have the god-gifted talent and some acquire this talent by hard work. It is a field of performing art that requires immense attention and concentration. This field is for those who respect and have an attachment with music.

After completing 10+2, you can choose the field of professional music. The course contains both vocal and instrumental music. Students get to learn about the history of music, study of music therapy, composing, music interpretation and voice instruction.

There are plenty of opportunities in the music career.

  • Once the course is completed, you can join the music industry, movies industry and colleges as a music teacher.
  • You can also establish your own music school. Being a music lover, you will feel pride in conducting the music school.
  • Excellent opportunity to earn both name and fame.

Tourism Industry

As the travel and tourism industry is enjoying a mammoth growth rate, it has become quite a rage among students as a career choice. More and more people are planning weekend getaways and family vacations, creating an exponential growth within the domestic and international circuit. Government is taking various initiatives to promote tourism which also boosts the industry.

A courses in travel and tourism opens many career opportunities. These include jobs like-

  • Travel agencies
  • Holiday consultants
  • Tour operators
  • Adventure Tourism experts
  • Event managers
  • Jobs within airlines, cruise operators, hotels and logistic companies.

Depending upon their interest and future perspective, students can go for any of the courses mentioned above. If you acquire the proper set of skills, then all these fields are highly rewarding in nature. We wish you all the best for opportunities to come.