If you decide to pursue a culinary science program, you will learn a lot more than just cooking. Culinary science teaches about cooking different dishes and food technology, production, management and dishes. One of the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata discusses a few things you will learn.

What will you learn in a culinary science program? Outlines hotel management college in Kolkata

Here is what you can expect in a culinary science program; says one of the best hospitality management colleges in Kolkata

  • Cooking different dishes which are apparent. Culinary course in the best hotel management college in Kalyani trains students to master a range of cuisines and become cooking experts in a five-star hotel.
  • Students get to learn about the nutritional value of the dishes. The culinary science program teaches the students the ingredients that cause allergies and what can be the best replacement for some food. 
  • Culinary students get exposure to how the food service business works and generates revenue. This aspect of the culinary science program is preferable for those who want to know both the artistic and practical side of the food industry.
  • Culinary science students who aspire to become bakers learn about the fundamentals of baking and charcuterie. They get an idea about the bakeshop staples like quick pieces of bread (muffins, pancakes, biscuits) and straight dough (flat bread and French bread) plus patisserie( Italian, French and Belgian)
  • Seasoning and cooking methods are another critical component of a culinary science program; what needs to be boiled, simmered, roasted, and when to add seasonings are covered in the culinary course. 

Career opportunities with a culinary science program: Says hotel management college in Kolkata

Culinary science programs have various opportunities for students. Here are the top five careers to explore. Most of the best hotel management colleges offer students internships, giving them exposure to working in a five-star hotel.

  • Restaurant chefs
  • Food service manager
  • Recipe developer
  • Personal chef cum nutritionist
  • Food writer and critic
  • Consultant specialist

Conclusion If you are willing to pursue a career in culinary and want to know the fundamentals of different cuisines, you need to get proper training and education. There are a lot of hotel management colleges, but you have to dedicate yourself and improve your skills by choosing the right culinary school for you.