Majority of hotels in the world nowadays have in-house restaurants. If your hotel also has one, you have the responsibility of increasing the Food & Beverage (F&B) sales of the restaurant. Read this blog for some tips on how to do that.

Level up your customer service

If you don’t provide superb customer service you will never reach maximum revenue potential, even if you serve great food or drinks. You should be able to anticipate the need of your customers. From time to time, check what your customers are doing. Those who are serving the customers should be able to give genuine recommendations to them. They should also serve the orders of the customers in a dignified manner. Try to process the payment of the customers in time. This will help to increase the table turnover rate as the customers don’t have to wait too long. While studying in the top ten hotel management colleges in Kolkata, the students learn a lot about proper customer service. Appoint them to ensure that everything is going the right way.

Provide special offers

You can offer reward points to your customers and in exchange for these points, give them something of value. This will make them come back again and again to the restaurant. You can also keep offers like ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ on selected food items and drinks for a fixed duration of time every day. More and more customers will come to your hotel to avail the offer and business will automatically increase. You have to plan properly on what offers you can provide your customers.

Get into branding and social media

Stay active on social media and start branding your business and your menu. You can share some easy yet tasty recipes with interesting names on social media platforms. Don’t forget to add pictures with the recipes. The pictures should be nice and bright. Try to be regular in posting updates on Instagram and Facebook (at least thrice a week).

Introduce healthier food options in the menu

Many people are fond of healthy food nowadays and you should keep that in mind while setting your restaurant’s menu. Provide healthier food options to choose from. Try to include more gluten-free food items and vegetables. You can appoint eligible candidates who have completed a hotel management course in West Bengal and have culinary skills for preparing food in the restaurant.

Use science with menu design and psychology

The science of how and where to place your items on your menu or menu board is menu design or menu engineering. For maximizing profit, you have to plan and design your menu with a proper strategy. It is not a tough job. You will need a bit of research and testing to get everything set.

Use data to improve management and save time

Maintain a database of everything at your restaurant. This will help you to ensure the proper functioning of your restaurant, which will ultimately save time. You can appoint candidates who have a hotel management degree in Kolkata and know the proper use of data management software.

Make waiting time shorter

The most boring time for customers is when they are waiting at a restaurant. If they have to wait for long at your restaurant, they will ultimately become impatient and will go to another restaurant, which surely you do not want. Therefore, plan in such a way that no customer has to wait too much in your restaurant. You can keep the facility of free welcome drinks for the customers waiting for their turn to come. Offering free Wi-Fi is another way to keep them engaged during the waiting period.