It is quite obvious that you will want positive reviews from your hotel guests. Positive reviews attract new visitors to the hotel and also inspire the hotel staff members to give their best efforts in attending the guests. However, you must understand that guests will give positive reviews only when they get good service from the hotel’s end. While you were a student at a hotel management school in Kolkata, you surely learnt how to fulfill the needs of the guests of a hotel in an efficient manner. If you want to know in details what to do for getting positive reviews from your hotel guests, read on.

Make a good impression before your guests even arrive

A great experience starts long before the guests physically arrive at your hotel. It starts the moment they come across your hotel details and decide to do booking at your hotel. There should be a simple and easily approachable online booking system. The rates of the rooms should be visible and if there are any special offer going on, it should also be properly mentioned. You should also confirm every booking by sending a personalized e-mail to each guest. All these things help to create a positive first impression. I hope you learnt about online booking while you were studying at a hotel management college in Kolkata.

Make it personal

If all the guests get the same experience from your hotel’s end, they will not like it. It helps in making a positive impact if every guest gets proper service according to individual need and preference. Remember, positive impact is positive review.

Make your guests feel at home

All of us miss our homes when we are away, even if we are on a holiday trip. If you can give your hotel guests a feeling of their home, you will remain one step ahead of your competitors. The homely ambience will make the guests happy and this happiness is sure to reflect in their reviews.

Provide exceptional customer service

If you want to ensure great guest experience, you have to provide exceptional customer service. The type of review you will get depends on the service you provide to the guests during their stay in your hotel. You will get positive reviews only when the guests are more than satisfied with your hotel’s service.

Motivate your team

Great teamwork always gives the best results. Motivate your team members to interact with the guests and try to solve any issues as soon as possible. You must involve every team member in your plans regarding how to provide your guests with quality service. This is the time to utilize the teamwork skills that you learnt while continuing your course in a hotel management school in West Bengal.

You should keep one thing in mind that your hotel guests expect a response from your side whenever they give reviews about your hotel. Don’t forget to thank them when you see positive reviews from their end. Even if some guests give any negative reviews, don’t be disheartened and see what you can do to turn those reviews into positive ones the next time.