Travelers throughout the world have always sought hospitable places to rest and eat. Although modern hotels feature conveniences needed, they fulfill the same purpose as ancient inns and boarding houses. The history of hotel and restaurant management goes back many years but has always involved the essential concept of hospitality. The term “hospitality” derives from “hospice,” meaning a place of rest for travelers and pilgrims.

With the development in the tourism industry, today Hotel Management in India is not only restricted to hotels but has gone a long way.

India is being considered as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Tourism contributed 6.9% to our country’s GDP in 2015 and almost 8.7% of the employment. And this sector is expected to rise to 7.5% of our GDP by 2025. Today, Hotel Management is not only restricted to hotels but has gone a long way to catering, clubs, food and beverage industry,resorts, airlines, cruise and many more. The hotel management forms a big part of the tourism, and the government too is in favor of investing in it and supporting it in every way possible.

Apart from glamour which is being considered as one of the important factor for students opting for hotel management, the perks, lucrative packages, and a multi-faceted career opportunities crossing the social, cultural and national boundaries also attract students to see themselves in this profession from famous hospitality school in Kolkata. Being in this industry, one may be expected to work in the following departments, i.e. management, house keeping, hospitality, front office operations, marketing and sales, etc.

There are a large number of degree/diploma/certificate courses which many hotel management colleges in Kolkata offers. It is very important to keep in mind hotel management schools in Kolkata from where you are pursuing these courses and the placement opportunities they provide. The Hotel management Industry is not looking for scholars, but is looking for professionals who are smart and have excellent communication skills. Look for top ten hotel management colleges in kolkata which will garner these skills.

The demand for smart and skilled professionals in this industry is growing in a fast pace, not only in our country but also worldwide. India’s hotel industry is dealing with lack of skilled and retainable professionals. In this age of social media everyone is aware of what to expect in an hotel and the standards one need. The ease with which one can review and rate hotels are also of the reasons for every hotel/resort to maintain their standards and stand out from their peers. For this, we need skilled graduates/professional in the Hotel Management industry from the best hospitality management colleges in kolkata.