A food critic is a new and futuristic career option that interested people in the field of food and culinary science can try. In order to become a food critic, one has to undergo a culinary management course, through which she/he can learn each and every aspect starting from food tastes, knowledge of ingredients, hygienic aspects of food and many more. In this, you learn how to become an efficient food critic.

What does a food critic do after completing a culinary management course?

After the completion of the culinary management course, a food critic can visit numerous hotels and restaurants and give detailed feedback or review on several areas like the taste of food, the ambience in the hotel/restaurant, hygiene, menu price, decor, and presentation.

In other words, a food critic assesses the quality of the overall dining experience and services provided by the hotels/restaurants to the customers and prepares. Along with this, they also recommend areas of improvement of the dishes, decor and ambience of hotels/restaurants.

A food critic considers several factors before giving the final review of any hotel or restaurant. They judge every aspect, from the preparation of the food and cooking techniques to the final presentation of food items. They also emphasise the hygienic and health protocol at any restaurant.

What can you learn from a culinary management course to become a food critic?

Every work requires a certain level of dedication and enthusiasm in order to succeed. A few outlined aspects mentioned below are the fundamental criteria for students who want to become Food Critics.

Decision making ability:

A student of a culinary institute in Kolkata who is aiming to be a food critic can improve their decision-making ability by undergoing a culinary management course. It will help in deciding which restaurant is better and why.

Learning food hygiene:

A student undergoing a bachelor’s degree in culinary science can learn about food hygiene and safety. It is one of the most important aspects in the field of food and beverages, where food critics can point out the flaws in maintaining food safety and hygienic aspects and suggest areas of improvement. At the same time, students can also learn the basic requirements needed in a kitchen to maintain food hygiene.

This is how a culinary management course in Kolkata can help you become a food critic and expert.