Most of the thriving hospitality industries are going through constant evolution to survive. These changes include everything from marketing, adopting the latest technology and hospitality processes, and embracing global trends. Top hotel management institute in Kolkata gives an insight into the emerging trends to pace with to ensure the best customer experience. 

Top global trends shaping the hospitality industry: Says hotel management institute in Kolkata

Although Covid has accelerated recent developments in the hospitality industry, these changes will stay for a while. Below are the five latest recent trends shared by a top hotel management institute in Kolkata that most successful hospitality industries are embracing to provide the best customer experience.

  1. Bleisure travel & hotel workspaces: Remote rework has become commonplace for both employees and employers. Hospitality venues are also changing accordingly and getting used as make-shift offices offering to meet customer demands like high-speed wifi, great cafeteria and ample sockets. 
  2. Digitalized guest experience: The trend of digital and contactless services has started gaining momentum since 2020, and the hospitality industry is no different. Most hospitality industries are adopting technology-assisted options like mobile check-in, contactless payments voice biometrics. Though these investments may be a bit expensive, but customers accustomed to contactless services will expect same services while getting hotel rooms
  3. The popularity of solo travel: Exploring new places, spending alone time, interacting, and making new friends is a new way of traveling experience among many. To give the solo travelers a feel at home experience, hotel interiors must be designed in such a way as to evoke a sense of homeliness. 
  4. Staycations: Strict covid testing requirements and a hike in airplane prices have led to the staycation trend. Hospitality industries must rely on this trend by offering discount to domestic travelers, arranging local events, making relevant promotions and local marketing to attract customers. 
  5. Virtual reality: In an era of orientation towards visual content, hospitality industries must include features like virtual tours, providing a digital environment to capture themselves in as part of their marketing strategy. Videos showcasing hotel ambiance and beachfront location, will attract more customers and also help you stay ahead in competition.

Future of hospitality industry: Says hotel management institute

To adapt to the constant change in the hospitality industry, you need to keep pace with the new trends. Otherwise, it will impact your business and give rival companies a competitive advantage. One of the hotel management institutes in Kalyani said that businesses must understand what’s at stake and try to avoid them.

  • Services must be tailored in a way to meet customers’ tastes and preference 
  • Modern technology can be capitalized to enhance customer experience 
  • Try to focus on niche markets with more customization to increase value creation 

Conclusion With the right approach, hospitability managers can make the above changes in their operation to gain commercial success and deliver the kind of service that customers expect.