Future hospitality trends taught in a hotel management college

The hotel industry continues to move forward, adjusting to new realities and embracing trends as possibilities. With strong hotel construction pipelines in several countries, a few upcoming hospitality trends have been highlighted in this blog. Every hotel management college in Kolkata now teaches the upcoming hospitality trends mentioned below.

Upcoming hospitality trends followed by every hotel management college

Technology is revolutionizing many industries, including the hotel industry, where enterprises must now rely on touchless sales points due to the epidemic. It not only provides cost-saving offers but also opens up new income potential. Hotel technology covers operations, guest services, and marketing, enabling hotel operators to increase their profits.

IoT technology in hotels

Several smart technologies shall be incorporated into the hospitality sector in the coming year. The inclusion of smart hotel rooms is one of the most exciting features of smart technology, where the electric appliances and the security system of the room shall completely rely on artificial intelligence. Electronic appliances can be operated remotely with the help of smartphones and other smart devices. This technology is also known as IoT or the Internet of Things, and it is easy to use. 

Big data analysis in the hotel sector

Big data is another technology that will expand more in 2023, where data collection systems will become easier and more effective. It helps in analyzing the behavior of customers with a lot more information and thus assists in making strategic business decisions. 

Mobile check-in service

The mobile check-in service was first initiated during the covid-19 period in order to ensure “no-contact” check-in to the hotel. In 2023, it is assumed to replace the pen and paper system, where everything will become online. 

In the coming years, online travel agencies will become more popular in the hotel industry. Earlier travel agencies used to be solely responsible for coordinating hotel reservations. Online travel agencies have now expanded their operations, adding apartments and vacation rental services, as well as activities and excursions, ride-sharing, food delivery, and restaurants.
The inclusion of smart technology improves the guest experience. For example, occupancy sensors can meet the demands of guests in a better way through automated guest interaction. This allows hotels to keep track of their visitors’ preferences and tailor their services to specific persons based on prior visits. These are some upcoming hospitality trends that are likely to take place in 2023. It is always essential to educate students about such hospitality trends in every hotel management college.