Technology plays a pivotal role in the hospitality industry. Since the pandemic time, various applications of technology have helped this sector through redemption from the global crisis. Nowadays, such applications are also taught in every hotel management college in Kolkata, along with regular academic courses. Students are also encouraged to share their creative and innovative ideas. In this blog, you will get an overview of the technology and its application in the hospitality sector. 

Applications of technology in the hospitality sector studied in a hotel management college.

There are various technologies used in the hospitality sector. In order to spread the knowledge and the applications of technologies among the students, the best hotel management college arranges special classes and sessions. During such special classes, students are taught the latest technologies used in the hotel management industry, along with the benefits of using those technologies. 

This can help students to stay updated with the knowledge of the latest technologies used. One of the primary reasons to incorporate technologies in the hotel management industry is to reduce physical effort and improve the quality of services to customers. Let’s see how technologies play a key role in improving the quality of services in the hospitality sector.

 Voice control and search

Voice search and control is a growing technology used in the hospitality sector, where customers can seek services through voice control in a hotel with the help of mobile apps. This helps in getting the service in a quick time.

IoT controlled device

Customers can benefit from IoT-controlled devices like smart fans, smart lights, automated AC, and other electrical appliances in the hotel room. 

Contactless payment

A contactless payment system offers numerous benefits for hotels, resorts, bars, cafes, and restaurants. With the help of contactless and online payment systems, customers can save time and additional expenses of cash. 
These are some latest applications of technology taught in almost every hotel management college in Kolkata apart from the academic syllabus.