The hotel industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times. As a result, it created many job opportunities for aspiring candidates. After 10+2, getting admission in the best hotel management college has become a dream of many individuals to build a successful career. By enrolling in the best hotel management college, you can have a lucrative career.

In this blog, we will discuss the career prospects of the hotel industry in India.

Career options after completing your hotel management degree
A career in the hotel industry has attracted many students because of its vast growth of career opportunities and high salary. Let’s have a look at what career you can pursue after graduating from the best hotel management institute in Kalyani.

● Chefs
After completing your course in hotel management, you can start your career as a chef. After gaining experience, you can gain the position of a sous chef, executive sous chef and executive chef. As a chef, you can host your show, start your own hotel and even become a faculty member in a hotel management college.

● Hotel managers
Hotel managers are responsible for looking after a hotel’s administrative system. Hotel managers interact with the guests, look after the finances of the hotel and handle the staff. They are also responsible for training the new employees and resolving any queries of the client.

● Housekeeping Supervisor
Housekeeping staffs are responsible for looking after the cleanliness of the hotel. They look after the appearance and hygienic condition of the hotel. As a housekeeping supervisor, you can monitor the working of the housekeeping staff and take measures to make sure that the work is done effectively.

● Food and beverage in charge
After completing your degree from the best hotel management school in Kalyani, you can work as a food and beverage manager who is entrusted with the duty of looking after the availability of food and beverages to meet the expectations of the guests. They make sure that the food is properly served to the guests and the customers have a satisfactory dining experience.

● Entrepreneur
Having a degree in hotel management also opens various entrepreneurship roles. You can start your own restaurant, café and hotel. A hotel management degree will also give you knowledge about finances, production and other strategies to successfully run your own restaurant.

● Catering manager
You can work as a catering manager with a degree from the best hotel management institute in Kalyani. Catering managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day catering operations of restaurants and hotels. They make sure that good quality food is served to the guests during an event and that everything goes as planned.

If you want a career in hotel management, you can pursue a course from the best hotel management college and start your career.