Every restaurant’s reputation majorly depends on the chef of the eatery. That is why; a chef’s responsibilities are pretty significant to build up a food joint’s prestige. Whenever you hear the term chef, don’t delicious foods cross your mind? It must come up with a beautiful dish presentation along with aromatic flavors.

A chef is almost 90% responsible for the accomplishments that the food and beverage department achieves.  The food it serves is the first element which helps to mark its recognition.

 What Makes A Great Chef?

Do you want to build up a bright career in the hotel management industry? How can you become a great chef? Enrolling in a hotel management college in Kolkata would be a great option to begin with.  A chef needs to have exquisite culinary skills. You must have the abilities to set up a benchmark on the behalf of the restaurant.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of A Hotel Chef?

At first, let us talk about the role of an executive chef.  In most part of the world, there are different names such as master chef, head chef and much more for this position.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Primarily, an executive chef is not responsible for the cooking tasks. Their role mainly includes managing the overall kitchen.
  • They are responsible for operating different restaurant outlets.
  • Their role also includes controlling the kitchen costs.
  • Another essential duty is to create the menus

However, the position of an executive chef is only found at the large establishments.

The Sous Chef

Sous chef is known to be the assistant of the executive chef.  He/she directly reports to the head chef.  It is a French term which stands for ‘second chef’. the job descriptions are given below:

  • A professional is responsible for scheduling the kitchen staff
  • He/ she works as a replacement when the head chef is off-duty.
  • Additionally, a sous chef assists the other cooks when required.
  • One is also responsible for the inventory management of the kitchen.

However, apart from the above mentioned categories, there are also other departments and duties of chefs. Let us discuss about the key responsibilities of a chef:

Developing New Recipes:

As a chef you will be responsible for coming up with new recipes.  Top hotel management courses in Kolkata teach the students all the required skills. Along with that an extensive working experience also comes up with its own advantages.

Apart from that, a chef is also responsible for managing the customer relations. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy ever. These words are the only success mantra for every professional working for a reputed hotel.

vTo conclude, you must be considering the best hotel management school in Kolkata for having a great career in this field.