Grooming takes much more than being hygienic and putting on a fresh set of clothes each new day. Grooming is all about how you portray yourself.  Simply put, it is all about the reflection of your personality and professionalism.

Here are seven tips on how to groom yourself for cracking a job in the hospitality industry.

Appearance matters you know!

Dress For Success:

When you are dressing for a hotel interview, you should dress more formally compared to the other job profiles. For example, men should dress in formal business attires along with ties and suits.  On the other hand, ladies can choose to wear a suit, a blouse, and dress pants, or a formal dress with blazer.

Always keep your clothing choices simple and wear formal colors like white and black, dark blue or dark brown. Avoid wearing loud colors or overly complicated prints.

To illustrate, if you have an interview lined up for a hotel job, ensure that you arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time.   In particular, most hotel jobs have uniforms and standard dressing codes to adhere to. Make sure that you find out what standards the specific hotel follows before appearing for the interview.   Certainly, the top hotel management college, from which you passed out, taught you about the interview dressing etiquette.

 Look Polished Because The First Impression Matters:

Your need for grooming and looking great doesn’t end after you crack the hotel interview. Subsequently, you will have dressing codes during your working days as well.  First of all, you have to ensure that your outfit s well-washed and properly ironed right before wearing it. You have to make sure that there are no buttons missing and badge name is on clear display.  For the ladies, your hair should be pulled back or tied in a neat bun if you are working in a front-facing customer role.  On the other hand, men’s hair must be neatly styled up and there must not be any facial hair. You should avoid having tattoos, piercings, long fingernails, and overtly colored hair.  Certainly, this might be part of your lifestyle but it might go against your professional life.

 Be Aware Of Your Body Language:

Are you looking forward to work at the frontline? For instance, there are front office staff, restaurant servers or butlers and much more.  If you are working in such positions, you need to be careful about your body language and how you conduct themselves in front of the hotel guests.

To conclude, make sure you enroll in the right hotel management institute in Kolkata which teaches you all the required skills and manners before you start applying for challenging hotel jobs.