It is normal that you will dream of becoming a manager when you start your career in the hospitality industry. Therefore, you have to be aware of building the necessary skills. Being a ‘manager’ is not the same as being a ‘leader’. However, if you blend both roles into one, it will be better. At all levels of hospitality, you can found leaders. To be a leader, you don’t need to be managing a staff. In spite of having the authority, managers may not have the ability to inspire, motivate and support their teams as a true leader would.

It will likely lead to a management role once you understand what’s required to be a strong leader. Productive terms and positive skills are created by leadership skills. Here, we have given the 8 essential leadership skills all hotel managers should have. Some of these skills you can learn while studying in a hotel management college.

  1. Innovation

Hotel managers should value quality above quantity and should always seek to improve themselves and the hotel. They should be open to new ways of doing things. They should continuously learn and hone their skills and also appoint skilled people.

  1. Vision

To have a vision for the growth of the hotel is a must for hotel managers. The members of the team can work towards a goal once they understand the vision of what they are trying to achieve.

  1. Values

Hotel managers need to balance the work life in order to succeed. The time spent by the employees with their families and friends should be valued by hotel managers. Within the team, hotel managers should also focus to build and nurture the strengths so that they can be used to their fullest potential.

  1. Inspiration

Hotel managers should be an inspiration for their associates and subordinates in giving their best effort. They should also be inspired to support one another. In making changes and setting goals, hotel managers should take input from them.

  1. Communication

An essential quality of successful hotel managers is proper communication. To be a good communicator, one should be an active listener. Besides being curious and willing to ask questions, hotel managers should be empathetic and consider options from all team members.

  1. Computer Knowledge

Computers have become an integral part of the hospitality industry. In every hotel, reservations, accounting, inventory, record keeping, etc. are all integrated into the digital systems. You can learn these computer skills while studying hotel management.

  1. Knowledge of Bookkeeping

The basis for making sound business decisions are budgeting and documenting expenses and profits. If you want to be a successful hotel manager, you have to be aware of tax payments, payroll operations, business filings and other financial practices.

  1. Business Sense

Hotel managers should understand the big picture of marketing, sales, utilization of space, understanding hiring practices and what’s needed to compete in the marketplace. How to take advantage of opportunities and tackle challenges that lead to growth should be known by successful hotel managers.

In hotel managers, the leadership quality is not only to find the right solutions for problems at the moment so that guests don’t walk away from the hotel becoming frustrated and angry. It is having empathy, understanding, motivation and caring combined together. There should also be a high expectation of excellence and a desire for self-improvement.


There should be some essential leadership skills in hotel managers because these help them to get positive output from the employees.