There are various hotel management courses including three to four years of bachelor’s degree programs in different institutes. Those who pass out from these institutes can get jobs in different sectors in the hotel industry. There are many hotel management colleges in Kolkata. There are some essential requirements of a good hotel management college.

1. Course Content

The four years course is divided into eight semesters and three years course into six semesters. There are core subjects and supporting subjects. Accommodations Operations & Management and Food & Beverage Operations & Management fall under the core subjects. Front Office and House Keeping Operations and Management are the subdivisions of Accommodations Operations & Management. Food & Beverage Production and Food & Beverage Service are the sub-divisions of Food and Beverage Operations and Management. Food Hygiene, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Organization Behaviour are some of the supporting subjects.

2. Quality Students

A college is represented by its students in all places. The admission procedure should be proper to select the right candidates for the course. If good quality students are selected through a multi-stage selection process, they will excel in their studies and extra-curricular activities. At the end of the course, they will be fully prepared to work in the hotel industry.

3. Quality Teachers

The teachers play an important role in developing students in their respective fields, apart from their basic task of teaching. For the students, the teachers became role masters. For professional and personal guidance, the students depend on their teachers. It is therefore also important to select the right teachers so that the students get proper guidance. The teachers also need to update themselves with the latest trends in the hotel industry.

4. Student Support for Learning

Students can learn and develop better if there is provision for support activities and facilities. In any hotel management institute, there should be the provision of spacious kitchen and bakery, training restaurants, banquets, front office labs, housekeeping labs, libraries, computer labs, research facilities, Wi-Fi facilities, etc. There should be regular guest lectures, workshops, outdoor and indoor activities, online and offline programs, etc.

5. Industry Relations

There should be a good relationship between the hotel industry and hotel management colleges. This has a lot of benefits in placements, resourcing guest lectures, conducting workshops, providing an opportunity for outdoor catering and staying updated with industry trends. When students interact with industry professionals, they get highly motivated.