As a hotelier, you may be planning something as a part of the hotel revenue management strategies every year. To get more bookings, increase your revenue, cut your costs and a lot more things, you may be doing what you can. However, there are certain things that you may miss out and this can result in a great loss of hotel revenue. For your help, we are listing here some hotel revenue management strategies that should prove effective for 2019. Many strategies like these are taught in hotel management courses in Kolkata. You may check whether you have mistaken any of them or not.

  • Segmentation and price optimization

It will waste a lot of time and money if you target all types of customers for your hotel. Therefore, an important part of your hotel revenue management strategies should be segmenting and pitching the right set of guests. Apart from this, it is also important to understand the nature and habits of the guests in your hotel.

  • Competitor rate analysis

If you want to promote your brand over others, you have to spend time on competitor rate analysis. You can check and compare the current pricing strategy that your competitors are applying at your hotel and update your tools accordingly. You can take the help of different tools to do this. Many hotel management students learn the use of these tools while studying in different hotel management schools.

  • Responsive hotel website for mobile users

More and more people prefer to book online as the use of mobile technology is increasing. The needs of these visitors have to be met and therefore your hotel website should be ready if you have one. This is also the right time to make an attractive website for your hotel if there is none. The website should also be responsive so that your hotel visitors can access it from any device and get the necessary information about your hotel from the website.

  • SEO to enhance visibility

The hotel industry can get many opportunities from the search engine. Your hotel website will have better visibility on the search engine result pages if you go for proper SEO practice. Many visitors may be looking for hotels near your location will get to notice your hotel.

  • Direct booking incentives to visitors

You get the platform for advertising your hotel and services from the OTAs. However, they also charge a commission for that. You can get rid of paying commissions if you encourage direct bookings from your hotel website. You can offer some direct booking incentives for encouraging them. In this matter, a hotel booking engine will prove helpful.