Hospitality and tourism industry is a rapidly changing field.  Tourism industry majorly depends on the customer’s satisfaction. This industry mainly focuses on providing the guests with an enjoyable and friendly experience.

Are you looking forward for a career in hospitality industry?  “The guest is always right” is what strongly believed by hotel industry.  Having a friendly smile is what you need in the first place. Whenever you are enrolling in a hotel management school in kolkata,   below mentioned things are trained for sure.

 Few Things You Need To Know About The Guest Experience:

 The Right Tone To Speak:

Whether you are working as a waitress or a front desk executive, you represent the brand you are working for.  Your communication skill and the tone of your voice set the pace for the guests experience at your hotel. Therefore, you need to have a welcoming and friendly tone which makes the customers feel welcomed and appreciated.  Along with having a warm smile on face, you also need to show a willingness to serve the customer in the best possible way.  Every well-accredited institute of hospitality management in Kolkata trains the students well.

 Listen To The Client First:

It is extremely important for a good guest experience that you carefully listen to the client.  Providing a concrete solution makes the guest feel confident about your services and abilities.

 Take Criticisms In A Productive Way:

Whenever you are providing different services to your clients, you might have to face criticism.  Every now and then an unfavorable situation might occur. For instance, a particular customer might be very particular about the way a dish needs to be served.   There are times when guests complain about the food, the serving style and so on.  Taking every criticism positively is what you should do.

 Following Up The Feedback:

Does your relation with the guests end up right at the moment they check out of your hotel or restaurant?  Receiving your guests’ feedback is equally important for improving the quality of your services. Receiving a feedback has so many easy solutions such as a text massage and email asking for the feedback.  By the means of a feedback you can easily understand what your client expects.

First of all, you need to receive an extensive course from  a hotel management college in Kolkata. Contact the Dolphin School of Hotel management which has been popular over the years.