You walk into a beaming lobby where a smiling receptionist greets you. You hand over a few financial and personal details and then take your card up to your room to swipe it. You turn on the TV, order room service and settle in for a relaxing evening.

Doesn’t the idea of spending a vacation sound so tempting? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for making it so great for you? It is the hospitality staff who put his/ her hard work and effort into making your stay a memorable one. If making people happy is your true calling, hospitality management is the right career path for you.

Are you considering enrolling in a hotel management institute in Kolkata? Is this a career you are considering getting into? Does it pay enough? Is it interesting enough? And do you have the personality for it? Let’s tackle those questions below-

What Is Hospitality Management?

Before entering a hotel management college in Kolkata, you need to know what this course all about is. It involves overseeing the administrative tasks of a resort or hotel. If you choose to become a hospitality manager, your goal is to make sure that your hotel is welcoming, warm and makes the guests feel like they’re at home.

On the other hand, lodging managers ensure that the guests are having a pleasant experience at a motel, hotel or other types of accommodations.

What Daily Activities Does Hospitality Management Involve?

Being a manager of a resort or hotel, you will need to observe various departments. Usually, a hotel always includes housekeeping, front desk, restaurants, room services, guest services, and conferences. It will be your managerial task to organize everything to make a seamless workflow happen.

 What Kinds Of Hours Does A Hospitality Executive Work?

Since the beginning of your days at a hotel management school in Kolkata, you will understand that it is certainly not your typical day job. Lots of hotels are open around the clock and mostly the evenings are the busiest hours. That is why, if you are looking for a 9-5 job, it is not ideal for you.

 Is The Hotel Industry Growing? 

It is indeed.

Employment is expected to grow by huge by 2020 to 2026, as per the surveys and records. Therefore, it is a solid bet for a lucrative career. To conclude, Hospital management is all about putting the guests first and making them feel special.