The hotel industry is experiencing a boom in new trends. For instance, new-gen hotel guests are coming up with different requirements. Many travelers seek out pet-friendly hotels these days. Pet owners want a friendly hotel which can accommodate their furry family member.

If you want to make your career bright in the hotel industry, studying in a top hotel management college in Kolkata is a must. A top-notch hotel industry follows all the latest trends happening out there.

Travelling with pets is becoming easier these days. Guests are no longer worrying about calling a sitter or leaving the furry ones at a boarding centre. As numerous hotel chains are welcoming the fur babies with open arms.

Here’s what makes the new-age hotels so pet-friendly.

What Are The Features Of Pet-Friendly Accommodations? 

While the pet accommodation ranges from the basic ones to quite lavish ones, here is the list of things a hotel might offer. Have you already guessed a few of it? Wait for the surprising ones!

  • No fee stays
  • Disposal supplies
  • High-quality leashes
  • Food and water bowls (sometimes personalized with a pet’s name.)
  • Welcome bags with yummy treats
  • Dog park
  • Dog sitting areas
  • Colorful play toys
  • Room service menu for the pets
  • Dog-friendly receptions
  • Pet spa

How To Make A Hotel For Pet Friendliness?

Are you finding it hard to set up the best pet-friendly hotel out there? For instance, there are times when few hotels provide very basic guidelines that qualify them as pet-friendly. So which traits are more important?

 What Are The Other Considerations While Running A Pet-Friendly Hotel?

You can consider the below-mentioned factors.

  • Look for the dog-friendly dining and shops within the area of your hotel.
  • Is the hotel location worth taking the furry little ones for a walk?
  • Is your hotel located near a pet-friendly park?
  • A nearby grocery store for pets can be a huge plus point for your hotel’s convenience.
  • You must not forget to ensure that there is a place to get solid medical care for the fur babies.

Studying in a hotel management institute in Kolkata teaches you all the skills required for running a successful hotel chain. If you are thriving to be a successful manager of a pet-friendly hotel, learn all the tricks to stay on the game.