Are you looking forward to doing a hotel management course after your 12th? Chances are high that you have checked out all the career prospects available out there. If not, we are glad you have come across this blog. At this time, the demand for trained professionals is constantly growing in this hotel industry. Isn’t it a solid reason to undergo the training and proof of your abilities? In addition, improving the nature of the job and increasing the pay scale has also become a good option to go for it.

In the first place, a job in the hotel industry is all about making others comfortable and happy. The first thing a top hotel management college teaches you is the tactics to gel with the guests.


 However, if you have undertaken a course from a hotel management institute in Kolkata   there are scopes in event, hotel, catering management or you can also go for marketing or business development. However, few jobs related to your degree are mentioned below:


·  Chef: 

Have you always dreamt of working as an executive chef? Here’s your chance to fulfill it. But you have to be aware of the roles and responsibilities of a chef. Above all, one is responsible for organizing and supervising the cooking process, tasks and other activities related to the foodservice establishments. 


·  Accommodation Manager:


They are responsible for

the regular management of accommodation establishments for every type of guest. As an accommodation manager, you have to ensure that all the guests’ rooms and the public areas are cleaned to the topmost standard.


·  Catering Manager:


  As a catering manager, you are responsible for administering, planning and supervising all the catering services and operations.


·  Event Manager:


In particular, an event manager is usually responsible for organizing, planning and executing all kinds and sizes of events like food festivals, musical concerts, weddings, business seminars and much more. 


·  Fast Food Restaurant Manager 


The main job of a fast-food manager contains overseeing all areas of management in a fast-food chain. These managers also handle things like sales goals, budgets or promotions.


·  Restaurant Manager 


 A restaurant manager is usually the face of a restaurant. If you choose to be one, your main responsibilities include dealing with the customers. Plus, you have to ensure that the food quality is the best.


To conclude, no matter what role you choose to play, choosing the right hotel management school is your first and foremost priority.