Are you thriving to secure a place in hotel industry?  The easiest way to enter this field is studying in a hotel management institute. In most of the hotels direct entry level positions are directly advertised in the top-notch job portals. However, in most of the cases, the required eligibility is 50% marks in bachelors of hotel management. Few eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

 Educational Qualifications:

Whenever you are trying to enroll in a hotel management institute in Kolkata, first know about the minimum qualification required for the entry level.  First and foremost, a candidate must have a 10+2 degree for getting admission in a degree course. For a certificate, diploma or bachelor’s program   10+2 qualification is enough. Duration of certificate course vary from six months to one year.

 What Are The Courses Available?

Before enrolling in a hotel management course in Kolkata you need to know about what are the available courses in a degree program. Talking about the most usual, course areas include front desk service, food and beverage service, cooking and bakery, food decoration and serving,  room servicing, guest management, business communication,  human resource management, marketing and sales management, hotel laws and so on.

 What Should Be Your Personal Attributes? 

Apart from the academic qualifications, you should have few personal skills which are highly required. First and foremost, one needs to have a strong communication skill since the industry is all about communicating with the guests and providing them with the best service.

Along with that, you should also have brilliant interpersonal skills as hotel industry largely relies upon team work.  All the staffs need to cooperate with each other and they have to work as a team.

Having multitasking abilities is another important skill of a successful hotel executive. There is no fixed job position when it comes to this particular industry.  Though there are different areas of work, every staff has to have at least a basic knowledge over the fellow departments.  It is never a good idea to keep a guest waiting with the excuse of not being able to provide required information.

Are you planning to enroll in the best hotel management school in Kolkata?  At first, make sure that you are capable to take up all the roles and responsibilities like a fittest candidate.  In short, you need to be presentable, talkative, polite yet attentive for handling everything with ease.