Are you thriving to work in the hospitality industry? You must have a degree from a top hotel management school in Kolkata, to begin with. But when you step into the working field, challenges get real, unwanted struggles emerge. Dealing with real-time customers is not similar like learning the nooks and crannies of the hotel industry in your bachelor’s.

The first thing customers expect from you is courteousness and politeness. Upsetting your guests even worsen the situation.  Even unfortunate situations like an angry and howling customer might get in your way.

Dealing with an upset customer requires some basic training which a hotel management institute in Kolkata provides Here are some basic steps to follow while you are dealing with an angry customer at the hotel’s front desk.

  • Don’t Argue On Whose Fault It Is:

Whenever you are working in a service industry, remember that the customer is always right. You should never argue about who is guilty. In the professional field, you need to be ready to deal with everything. With this in mind, you never try to resolve it by logical arguments. Winning the public relations game is all about knowing the right tricks to deal with people. All you can do to resolve it is helping the guest vent out all the frustration. It makes the guest feel better.

  • Avoid Taking Things Personally: 

It goes without saying, that an upset customer will behave arrogantly and it could hurt your ego and sentiments. You really have to practice how not to take such things personally. It is one of the most essential qualities to have while working in the hospitality industry.

  • Do Not Lose Your Calm And Be Kind: 

When a customer is shouting at you, he/she would be speaking things which sound untrue or absurd to you. The real struggle lies in still keeping calm and being polite. Your only mantra is you have to help the customer when you are a hotel industry professional. In a nutshell, you have to empathize with the guest for the trouble he/she would have faced.

  • Get To The Roots Of The Problem:

An irritated customer is most likely to be a bit irrational and not very clear while communicating. When one is emotionally hurt, such behavior is rational. But once you think that the customer has retained his/her calm, ask politely to gather more information on the incident.

Once you have solved it and the customer has checked out, you can send a regret note to keep things friendly.