Guest satisfaction is the ultimate in the hotel business. It plays a very important role behind fluctuating rates, filling rooms, improving rankings and keeping the hotel ahead of the competition. However, guest satisfaction may not always be up to the mark. Let us discuss here some simple ways, which you can take to improve guest satisfaction. They are not very difficult to grasp and implement. You have perhaps learnt some of these skills while studying in a reputed hotel management college in Kolkata.

1. Keep the booking process as simple as possible

Much before the guests enter the hotel, the process of guest satisfaction begins. Whenever the guests enter the hotel website for booking, it starts. There should be full optimization of the user interface of your website for design and customer service. You should create a smooth and seamless booking after properly scrutinizing the different steps customers have to go through before booking their ticket.

2. Be a part of the customer journey

Throughout the entire journey of the customer from the hotel booking process to the end of their hotel stay, email marketing is the only tool in your toolbox that you can use to connect with your guests. In order to enhance the stay of the guests at your hotel, you can use pre-arrival emails. For example, you can send the guests welcome emails on their arrival at the hotel and when they leave the hotel, send them farewell emails with thanking them for their stay and inviting them to come again.

3. Personalize your customer’s journey

Whenever you send any message to your guests, make sure that they are personal ones. The guests will feel elated that you think of them as an important part of the hotel. You should use the data gathered about them while sending them personalized emails. This will ultimately help the guests to become loyal guests.

4. Always collect guest feedback

Keep the option of providing feedback for all the services offered to the guests. You should also pay attention to the feedbacks guests provide and make improvements when there is scope to do so.

5. Increase your social media presence

Social media is a major place where the guests can share their experiences and also raise any complaints they have. Use social media to answer their questions or resolve their complaints as quickly as possible. The faculty members must have taught you how to properly handle social media while you were pursuing hotel management courses in Kolkata.

6. Face negative reviews

All guests will always not be happy. The unhappy guests will obviously give negative reviews and it will prove important for the hotel business how you handle those negative reviews. You have to handle these negative reviews carefully so that your answers help to impress the guests.