With the passing days, the world is experiencing a major shift in decision making and buying power. Just like the other industries, it’s also changing the hospitality industry as well.  The only way to see constant success is to adapt to these inevitable changes. Most of the metro cities in India are experiencing a major wave of trends in the hospitality industry.

 So what trends are coming up in 2020, 21 and beyond?

Here we are focusing on the future hotel industry trends for the upcoming years.  So that all the aspiring students of popular hotel management colleges in Kolkata can be prepared for those.

 Eco –Friendly And Boutique Hotels:

As of the record of last year, millennials have officially overtaken the travel industry. Let’s look at a few facts about this generation’s preferences:

  • 60% of global travelers say that they are more into choosing sustainable accommodation this year. But lack of appealing options makes it hard to choose a hotel while traveling.

  • 90% of millennials believe that the success of a business must be measured by its impact on the globe.

  • Millennials struggle a lot to trust businesses. As it is said it before, the success of the hospitality industry depends a lot on them. If you have joined a hotel after passing out from a popular hotel management school, you need to focus on what the majority of your customers want to begin with. While in the past, they used to think that 60% of businesses in the world have a positive impact on the society, now, only a year later, the ratio has dropped to 55%.

Hospitality Professionals Must Think Globally:

Meetings and events no longer have to be local.  As a matter of fact, these days, international venues are hungry for more group sales. In addition, attendees are more willing to travel than ever.

In short, to adapt to the tastes of younger travelers, hotels are being more innovative.  The hospitality industry is experimenting more with the experiences and social spaces they offer.

 However, the human touch is still there.

Despite, the popularity of new trends and technologies, one trend that is unlikely to die down is the need for the human touch in building customer relationships.

To conclude, keep these above-mentioned topics in mind if you are enrolling in a hotel management institution in 2020.  After all, getting prepared for the future is what keeps you moving to the path of success.