The first impressions of the customers about a hotel play an important role. The customers are influenced by the way the front desk staff of a hotel greets and attends them. This plays a major role in enhancing or diminishing a hotel’s image. Like any good leader, a front office manager leads the front office team including the front desk staff members. As a front office manager, you have to guide your staff members by giving them the proper knowledge and training so that they can excel in their work. You will get an idea of the job responsibilities of a hotel front office manager while studying in a hotel management school in Kolkata. We will now discuss some ways which can help you in becoming the best hotel front office manager.

1. Work towards Customer Delight

In a hotel, customer satisfaction matters the most. A major role behind the satisfaction and happiness of the customers is played by the front desk staff members. They should treat the customers in a professional and courteous way. You must instruct your team members to take out time and listen to every problem of the customers and try to provide an effective solution. You should make sure that the commitments made to the customers are met.

2. Focus on the Details

You should keep an eye on every small thing in the hotel. The best hotel manager should ensure the front desk is neat and clean, it is always attended by properly dressed staff and they greet all the customers with a welcome smile. It is better if there is a proper flower arrangement at the front desk as it has a positive impact on the customers.

3. Be Extremely Organized

There are numerous responsibilities on the shoulder of the front office manager. The prioritization of work is must as without it you will have problems in handling a lot of tasks simultaneously. This will ultimately make you the best hotel front office manager as you will be able to organize your duties properly. While you are pursuing your hotel management course in Kolkata, you will learn this.

4. Mingle with Staff and Guests

A good hotel front office manager should take out time to communicate with the team members as well as the guests of the hotel. This will help you to find out the weakness of any team member and find out ways to overcome it. You will also come to know about the needs of the guests in the hotel and solve them if you mix and communicate with them.